Monday, November 16, 2009

Now that you have joined CashCrate

So you have joined CashCrate and don't know what to do? Read on! (If you haven't yet, read my first post before going any further: CashCrate, is it legit? )

Now, a little note before we continue. You have to use your true information to complete these offers otherwise you will not get credit. Don't worry, the only thing these offers will spam is your email. With that in mind, I suggest making a special email just for offers, but use your true information everywhere else. Also, keep up with your email, you may need to enter something to finish the offer.

Working with CashCrate is a very easy deal. All you need to do is fill out the various surveys and offers to complete each requirement. What are the different requirements? Let me list them for you. NOTE: The requirements that are marked with (CC) means you need a credit card to fulfill the requirement.

  1. Sign-up for a free trial. (CC)
  2. Sign-up for a trial. (CC)
  3. Apply and get approved for the card.
  4. Complete the survey and registration on the first two pages. Participate in 1 or more sponsored offer(s) that you are interested in during the registration and click on 2 offers in the rewards section.
  5. Fill out the form with valid information and complete the survey. Click two offers on the "Final Offers" page.
  6. Complete the survey and confirm your email.
  7. Download and install the software.
  8. Fill out the form with valid information and complete the quiz. Must fill out at least one offer.
Those eight are the most common requirements you will see when you are filling out online surveys with CashCrate. There are varying requirements that are very similar to the ones I have listed, but there really isn't much of a difference. Here is how you complete each requirement listed:

  1. Simple enough. Sign up for the trial with your credit card. If there are any offers thrown at you during the sign up process you do not have to fill those out. Often times once the trial ends you will be charge for a month's subscription if you do not cancel. Be sure to keep record of each (CC) offer you complete. If you do not wish to continue the service, make sure to cancel before you are charged.
  2. Same as above, but this one often costs a little money up front. These often feature "FREE" items or website subscription. Remember, after the trial, they will charge you for another month, be sure to cancel if you do not want this.
  3. These are the most pointless. There is a high payout for it, but you certainly won't always get approved. Often times, there is even a yearly fee that isn't obviously posted. I highly suggest that you don't complete these. Note: Some offers, if you get accepted, require you to purchase something first. That should be another big warning.
  4. In my opinion, this one is the third best survey type to complete. They are quick, easy, and you can just say no except for one offer. Once you reach the end you will come upon the "Silver, Gold, and Platinum" offers. On the silver offers, just click on two of the offers, let the page fully load, then close the page. Rinse and repeat for the Gold and Platinum.
  5. Same process as above, you just don't have to participate in an offer during the survey process. Second Best.
  6. Another easy one. Just a survey (often just one question with tons of offers) Just keep saying no until the Silver, Gold, and Platinum offers and complete as mentioned on survey type 5
  7. Don't even bother completing these. I haven't and I am just going to assume this is loaded with spyware.
  8. Probably the best survey you have to complete. Quick, easy, doesn't take much thought. Just answer whatever on the quizzes, fill out a single offer, and reach the results page.
Now that you have completed an offer, make sure you hit submit. After submitting the offer, make sure you clear the cookies on your browser. This is very important so you receive the credit from all your offers. Often you will complete offers from the same website/company and they aren't a big fan of you going through their offers more than once.

Remember, you do not have to sign up for any of those extra offers that are thrown at you. They are completely optional. Just finish the offer requirements and thats all. Good luck on CashCrate!

I'm here if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

CashCrate, Is it Legit?

Simple answer. YES!

I've been using CashCrate for a full month now and this is such an amazing service. Yes, I have received my first check. Quite a dandy amount I might add. For just doing free online surveys during my days, I've earned $98.45. One HUNDRED dollars in just one month of just goofing off online while watching TV.

One of the best features that CashCrate offers is the complete simplicity of the process. Just click on an offer, fulfill the simple requirements, and submit that you have completed the survey. Can't be any simpler than that.

Another great feature is that you don't even have to enter any confidential information. Thats right, no bank accounts, paypal accounts, or credit card numbers. In addition, there is no spam sent to your email address. NONE. CashCrate does not sell your email out to companies. Ever.

As for payment, as mentioned before, you are paid with check. This check is mailed once a month every month. Before you get paid, though, you must have reached a pre-defined payout amount. Default is $20, but you can change it to any amount you wish!

One last very important feature. Referrals. Yes, those wonderful referrals we all hate. Although, these referrals actually get you somewhere. For each person signed up through your link, you can earn %20 of their earnings and %10 of the earnings from people they refer! Very easy way to increase your earning exponentially.

Is CashCrate legit, yes it is. No questions asked, probably the best place on the web to earn free money with far less effort than many other places online.

Check my link below for a direct link to the website and sign up. You certainly don't want to miss out on this!

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